Video is a powerful way to get your message across and engage your audience by sharing your mission or showing how your product works. I can shoot the video myself with professional lights, audio recording, and 4k video camera; or I can work with existing video footage and edit together the final product. Below are some types of videos you might be interested in to elevate your brand and customer reach.


Tell the story about your business’s unique identity and mission statement

Logo Animation

Enhance your video presentations with custom or template-based animations for impactful video introductions

Product or Service

Show, don’t tell how your product works with an in-depth video overview

Explainer Animation

Custom animation that explain a concept in an easy-to-understand way


Show highlights from an industry event or company get-together

Social Media Promotion

Convey thought leadership or promote new products with a video campaign

This is an example of a high production motion graphic explainer animation video. These are highly customizable but extremely time consuming and are the most expensive video services I offer.

This security video was created by combining a “talking head” interview with footage from stock videos, custom animation, and a professional voice over. I produced this video from end-to-end including filming, audio, editing, custom animations, and publishing.

I created this Connected Car Data Privacy motion graphic to explain how GDPR regulations can impact the connected car industry. I produced this using Adobe After Effect templates, custom graphics & animations, and Adobe Premiere Pro.